Common Injuries Treated by Dr Dickson

Common Injuries Treated by Dr Dickson Graphic

Hip Pain

Whether you require a complex periacetabular osteotomy with a valgus producing femoral osteotomy, a revision arthroplasty with a cage, pelvis fixation, and allograft or simple guided physical therapy, Dr. Dickson has the answers and treatment for you. Dr. Dickson receives complex patients from around the world and specializes in hip preservation.
Hip Pain Information

Acetabulum & Pelvic

Having been a Visiting Professor and lectured all around the world including India, China, Australia, Philippines, New Zealand, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Tanzania, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, etc., Dr. Dickson is considered the foremost authority in the world on the acute and nonunion/malunion treatment of pelvic and acetabular fractures.
Acetabulum and Pelvic Information

Non-Unions, Malunions, & Infections

Some of the most difficult disease entities are when a patient fails to heal after trauma. This can leave the patient with the seven "Ds" depressed, destitute, debilitated, defeated, desperate, divorced, and despair. Dr. Dickson is international authority on Nonunions, Malunions, and Infections and has restored thousands of patients with the above problems back to a healthy functional life.
Non-union and malunion and infection Information


Dr. Dickson knows trauma. Having spent 14 years as the Chief of Orthopaedics at the Level 1 Trauma Center at Charity Hospital in New Orleans and another 5 at Herman Hospital in Houston, Dr. Dickson has treated the worst of the worst from head to toe. His referrals from other Orthopaedist include complex intraarticular fractures, pelvis and acetabulum injuries, and infections.
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