Common Injuries Treated by Dr Dickson

Common Injuries Treated by Dr Dickson Graphic

Non-Unions, Malunions, & Infections

Some of the most difficult disease entities are when a patient fails to heal after trauma. This can leave the patient with the seven "Ds" depressed, destitute, debilitated, defeated, desperate, divorced, and despair. Dr. Dickson is an international authority on Nonunions, Malunions, and Infections and has restored thousands of patients with the above problems back to a healthy functional life.

Below you will find Dr. Dickson's International PowerPoint presentations and some of his landmark articles.

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Malunions - Case Presentations
PowerPoint Presentation - 50.8 Mb
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Master Orthobilogics in Trauma
PowerPoint Presentation - 36.4 Mb
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Bone Transport and Tibial Reconstruction
PowerPoint Presentation - 24.6 Mb
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Open Fractures
PowerPoint Presentation - 44.9 Mb
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Nonunions - San Destin
PowerPoint Presentation - 18 Mb